Parent's Feedback

Jaya Sharma

Mother of Raunaq singh

Explorer Giffy,
Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Dear Teacher,
It was an enriching experience For Raunaq. He enjoyed it a lot ! For him school is a place he looks forward to. His speech and observation, relation to concepts has improved !
Thanks !

Sumita Shahi

Mother of Shiv Anjul

Playful Giffy,
Orchid Island, Gurgaon

We wanted Shiv to interact with other kids and have his own schedule. Thus we put our 16 months old in KOK. It has been a really good time for him there. He has gained a lot of confidence and it's visible in his stride. He dances to rhymes and music now. Also Shiv has started speaking a word here and there. We are absolutely elated by the way he settled in the school from Day1.Thank you KOK for nurturing our child with the utmost care.

Neha Khanna

Mother Of Atharv

Explorer giffy,
Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Thanks a lot for all the effort and teaching passed on to my son Atharv. Thanks to your efforts he is turning into a student & well learned child which is very pleasing.

Ashita Bhagat

Mother Of Parisha

Orchid Island, Gurgaon

Dear mam,
Kingdom of kids has laid rest to all the fears I had before sending my first born to school regarding the sanitation, the love and care of the staff or the kind of activities. I am very satisfied with the conduct of everything at KoK. Hoping for the same care in future.