Franchise Role

Becoming a franchisee carries with a great responsibility of sharing and partnering the vision of Shri Ram Study World . As a franchisee you are expected to provide the atmosphere to nurture a child's self expression and creativity . Shri Ram Study World has established certain norms and practices which are mandatory and aim to strengthen our schools so as to make them a force to reckon within their cities and towns. Our franchisee becomes a part of our ever growing family and we expect this relation to be of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Local Marketing/Promotional activities as per norms
Academic Compliance as per SRSW
Annual & Monthly Fee as per SRSW
Staff Hiring as per

Admissions as per
SRSW guidelines
Monthly report Academic and activities
Center launch expense borne by business partner only
Set Up Costs to be borne by BP
(as per guidelines)