Our Story

At KINGDOM OF KIDS we believe that each child is unique. Every child is perfect and has a bounty of hidden potentials that need to be nurtured. At Kingdom of kids, we provide opportunities' for children to enhance their strengths that give them better skill sets in all areas of development.

Hence, clubbing a group of students together and judging them applying a common, mechanical yardstick is not ever our motto. Each one has a possibility, a hidden capacity, a talent. We create an environment and an opportunity for that latent quality to blossom at KINGDOM OF KIDS.

Our school is dynamic, a place of shared relationships among the children, the teachers, and the parents. The school sows the foundation of a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and authentic for the children.

Mentors at KINGDOM OF KIDS are facilitators that help the child to explore their potentials providing an atmosphere of trust care and love, a feeling of oneness, a home away from home.We will not only make children better communicators at an early age, but also give them better learning skills that can help them throughout their lives.

Our Differentiators

Teacher Training

Imparts the Shriram Pedagogy
Innovative teaching methods


CCTV in all classrooms
RFID cards

World Class Infrastructure

4,000-5,000 sq ft area
Art equipments and learning systems

Policies and Practices

Customer satisfaction
HR Practices